About the author--Patrick Poole

I'm a post doctoral researcher at The Ohio State University, where I work at the Scarlet laser facility run by the High Energy Density Physics group. Scarlet is an extremely powerful laser that fires incredibly short pulses, and we study the exotic states of matter created when these laser pulses interact with matter--the light from our laser is equivalent to taking all the sunlight hitting the Earth and squeezing it down into an area the size of a human hair! When that light hits a target it creates temperatures and pressures equivalent to those in the sun; this small (but powerful!) explosion generates all manner of particles and radiation which have applications in laboratory astrophysics, advanced imaging, and even cancer therapy.

Currently I'm working on my thesis which involves my work in high repetition rate laser targets consisting of liquid crystal membranes. Right now we're using these targets for ion acceleration.

Since I haven't been able to teach classes recently due to research, this website is my way of sharing physics with a larger audience. I hope you enjoy yourself and learn something at the same time! Feel free to contact me here with comments or suggestions.