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This is a webpage made by me, Patrick, that updates every week with simple explanations of everyday physics phenomena. Lots of people have heard of Eureka! moments in physics where you finally work out the solution to a persistent problem. My favorite type of moment, though, is the Huh! moment, where you forget the equations for a bit and notice that you can now explain a simple, everyday idea that you never really thought about before--the sort of thing that makes you say "oh that's why it works that way".

A lot of people study science because they want to know how the world works, but it's easy to forget that motivation when you are stressed out trying to solve difficult equations or cramming for a test. That intense study is necessary, though, because some of the most interesting facts about nature don't reveal themselves until you look at them through the lens of higher-level math and science. It's my goal here to bring that sort of insight back to a level where any interested mind can grasp the ideas and explain it to others, and then hopefully want to dive in and learn more about the deeper explanations as well!

With that in mind, these posts are laid out in a tiered system: in big, bold text you'll see a few quick phrases that tell the whole story--these are the critical points following from one to the next, like signposts, that will help you remember the overall story later on. Within these signpost lines are paragraphs that provide the details of the story on a deeper level. Every now and then you'll see the phrase "it turns out that...", which means I'm glossing over something that would need more advanced physics to explain--these are your cue to dig deeper, because it's bits of knowledge like this that reveal some truly amazing aspects of the universe!

I hope you'll learn something from these posts and have fun along the way. There is an ask questions page now--feel free to head over there to learn more about one of the posts, or to find out about a related topic.